Friday, January 20, 2012

Packing Up The Penguins

Our version of Deanna Jump's penguin-via Erica Bohrer-
went home today.  
I will miss their goggly eyes!  
The bottom penguin was produced 
by my lone male student....
it is quite a departure from 
his female classmates' embellished penguins.

My kinders were disappointed that penguins do not fly.
BUT---I found this very cool video!
I learn something new every day.
Update:  UMHM.  I also learn that some things are just a hoax.
Even though it isn't true, you might find that you wish it were so!


  1. Oh, no! Really, Laura?! I must be a hopeless romantic :-) I so wanted it to be true!!

  2. Oh My GOSH! I am rolling on the floor! So funny! I'm with you Chrissy... I wanted it to be true too!

  3. Oh my! Although I thought I read the initially penguins did fly (long, long, long time ago) and just lost the ability as they developed other skills.


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