Saturday, January 28, 2012

(Trouble With) Loving Expo Land

AMENDED 1/30....I made it through to the presentations!  You were all fantastic!  Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!  The goodies finally came through and I am so excited to use these with my kinders.  A huge THANKS to everyone who contributed to the goody bags!

Good afternoon, everyone!  I am valiantly trying to attend the Kindergarten Expo, but continue to have problems loading the presentations.  It keeps spinning and spinning and spinning...

Not to mention the goodie bag items!  (Which, btw, THANK YOU!!)  The zip files are just loading....and loading....and then coming up as "undownloadable".

I have high-speed modem capability.  I'm using a new computer.  I have also gone to my hubby's computer--no luck.  At the moment, on my screen, Fran is stuck in mid-sentence at 3/4 way through her second segment.  Whhhaaaaahhh!!!!

Just commiserate with me, if you are experiencing any such difficulty!  I need to whine!

UPDATE:  Bless you, Hadar, for filling me/us in on the details.  :-)
I think it is awesome that kindergarten friends are clogging the internet!  And, I will happily curl back up in my jammies closer to midnight; maybe things will have calmed down a bit by then.


  1. There are over 700 people viewing the presentation! I don't think any of us anticipated such a huge turnout! We are clogging the internet!! haha! I can record myself singing again and send it to you so help pass the time ;) lol!


  2. I have also had trouble viewing the presentations and can not download the goodie bag at all. Just lots of traffic :)....I'm just going to try again later tonight!

    Growing Up Teaching

  3. It's funny... I logged on RIGHT at 11 eastern (10 my time) and got everything downloaded. I started watching Crystal from Kreative in Kinder. I had to pause it to attend to children (don't they KNOW how much I've waited for this ;) ) then came back to it only to have it hang. I knew at that moment that I was not alone in my excitement about this expo!! Maybe it will mean another one REALLY soon!!

  4. I'm experiencing a little technical difficulty. But since I'm sick, I am hoping to watch later tonight.

  5. I actually went to school to watch. I downloaded a few of the freebies but then thing were just spinning and spinning spinning. So i left and plan to try again tonight.

    Queen with Class

  6. I am so upset that you are having so much trouble. I am hoping this gets resolved otherwise I am coming to your school and doing this in person with you!!!!

  7. FRAN! No worries :-) And, you are welcome ANYTIME! There is only one kindergarten at my school, but I guarantee I could gather a major number of teachers to see you!


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