Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reading and Writing~~Freebies!

Hello, friends!  When I get the pictures uploaded, 
I will share more about my 
"Kingdom of Kindergarten" theme.  
(AND the amazing lunch with blogging pals!!)  
For now, I'm sharing a reading response page 
that accompanied a guided reading lesson.  

Tomorrow, we start a two-week "outer space" theme.  
The moon and stars are kind of my favorite things
...besides my family :-).
Our memory verse is Psalm 147:4
"He counts the stars and calls them all by name."
This scripture fills me with awe and wonder.

Come back tomorrow for more photos 
from our study of the 16th century!
A Princess Is

Astronaut RWCG

Word isn't cooperating with me and my wish to add vertical lines in the text box!  Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. When we meet each other (and I hope that is soon) I am going to show you how to do this with ease. This all looks so adorable. I just finished that winter packet but it might be too late for you. Sorry.

  2. Love that verse!
    Thanks for the freebie!
    I would love to teach outer space but it's not in our standards so we're "not allowed". :(
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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